Product List


    ■Stock center (Bangna MD Tower): The items is now currently 15,000 items.
    ■Manufacturing Products(Forming Dies, Special Tools)

  2. Gear cutting tool

    ■Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machine Tool (MHI): Made in JAPAN
    ■Mitsubishi Heavy Industries India Precision (IPT): Made in INDIA
    Hob / Shaper cutters /Shaving cutters /Round broches / Master gear /Other

  3. Small module gear cutting tool

    ■Ogasawara Precision Laboratory :Made in JAPAN
    Cutting tools and Measuring tools manufacturing to small precision gears.

  4. Special tool

    ■Total cutting tools manufacturing and sales.
    Carbide tools /High Speed Steel tools /Diamond tools /Brazerd tools /Electroplated tools /Other tools

  5. Throw away tool


  6. Tooling Systems

    ■NC Total Tooling Systems
    ■Conventional Tooling Systems
    ■Tool Presetter (NIC I.D SYSTEM, SIAM NIKKEN)

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