Product List

  1. Double Face Pallet

    ■Made to order

  2. Plastic Pallet

    ■Various item & Available for size adjustment
    ■Made to order & Second-hands goods

  3. Wire Basket

    ■Various Mesh pallet
    ■Basket for cars

  4. Flow&Rack

    ■Fluid rack suitable for storage of picking

  5. Container Box

    ■Safe to stack heavy objects !
    Abundant variations restaurants back yard storage to factry / warehouse use

  6. Corrugated Box

    ■Plastic cardboard order made ※Sample fabrication available

  7. Precision-forged dies

    ■Thailand Japanese manufacturers will produce precision molds

  8. Gear grinding machine(Retrofit)

    ■Our company factory(in Japan) made.
    ■CNC retrofit gear grinding machines original format

  9. Drake Thread Grinding

    GS:TEM Mini External Grinder

    ■Machine Solitions : Internal Thread Grinder,External/Internal Thread Grinder,
    Gear Grinder

  10. Drake Thread Cutting

    VTM Vertical Thread Mill

    ■Drake Manufacturing has developed a compact vertical thread mill for high production threading

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