Product List

  1. Auto measuring device

    CNC Bore measuring machine

    This equipment is suitable for the production of various kinds by the hole diameter of box workpieces and pitch measuring machine.

  2. Connecting rod measuring machine

    Special purpose machine

    ・measured work : 5 the mode
    ・out(carring) : OK product 7 class,7 row 、NG product 1 out,1row
    ・cycle time : 15 sec

  3. CNC bore measuring machine

    Cylinder block bore inner diameter automatic measuring and marking machine.

  4. Microscope

    ■Evolved digital microscope
    ■3-dimensional feeling,appearance and never before
    ■No need for focus adjustment

  5. Spline gauge

    ■module : 0.3~
     It corresponds to ±0.002mm tolerance with OPD accuracy

  6. Gear checker

    ■Measurement pont / OBD,Tooth groove runout,dent mark, other point

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